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On-Campus Interviewing Policies

Student and Alumni Eligibility

To apply and be eligible for On-Campus Interviewing positions, you must be either a current DePaul student with an undergraduate sophomore, junior or senior status, a current graduate student (non-MBA), or an alum that meets the position's qualifications. All On-Campus Interviewing positions are commensurate with entry-level skill sets and salary. Candidates should have less than one year of professional full-time work experience.

Please note: This program is not appropriate for alumni with several years of professional work experience or who are unemployed due to an employer's decision.

All candidates participating in the On-Campus Interviewing Program are encourage to watch our orientation video. The presentation introduces students to On-Campus Interviewing policies, provides helpful interview tips and assists students in successful participation in the program.
Students are required to represent themselves truthfully and ethically to employers, the university and the Career Center. Your grade point average, personal and professional accomplishments, Handshake profiles, majors and minors, participation in honors programs, and work status must all be represented accurately and truthfully. Students that falsify accomplishments or misrepresent themselves will be prohibited from further participation in the On-Campus Interviewing Program. All instances of falsification or misrepresentation will be referred to university administration for violation of the Student Conduct Code.
Interviews must be canceled by 8:00 a.m., one business day before the scheduled interview. After 8:00 a.m. on the day prior to your interview, all schedules will be frozen and neither students nor employers will be able to make changes. Students that cancel an interview with less than one business day notice will be required to submit an apology email or phone call to the employer, and notify or copy the Career Center. If a student does not keep a scheduled interview and does not notify the Career Center in advance, they will be considered a “no-show”. In the event of a “no-show”, the student will not be able to interview or access job openings via Handshake until they meet with a member of the Employer Engagement team or send an apology email or phone call to the employer on which the Career Center is copied or otherwise notified. If a student is a “no-show” two times, they will have their Handshake account deactivated. To regain access to Handshake, students must contact the Employer Relations office by calling (312) 362-5201 or sending an email as soon as possible to provide an explanation of their absence. Students are also encouraged to write a note of apology to the employer and copy the Employer Engagement team on that message. Failure to complete these steps within five business days of the missed interview may result in loss of Handshake access and On-Campus Interview privileges for the remainder of the academic year.

Please note: The third interview canceled with less than 24 hours' notice will result in the revocation of  On-Campus Interviewing and Handshake privileges for the remainder of the academic year.

Receiving a job or internship offer is an exciting professional milestone. Job offers can be either written or verbal, and should be made in good faith with the intention of honoring that commitment. It is acceptable to ask for an extension on an offer if students need more time to make a decision or are participating in more than one interview process at once. The Employer Engagement team is available to help students negotiate multiple offers and navigate the interview process. If you need assistance, please contact the team by calling (312) 362-5201, sending an email to, or stopping by suite 9500 in the DePaul Center.