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Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK)

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The DePaul Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Network helps connect DePaul students with alumni and other professionals for career insight, conversations and networking. DePaul ASK volunteers are here to offer their expertise and help you grow. The goal of the DePaul ASK network is to help students to explore college and professional transitions, life challenges, and get answers to university and career questions. Over 1500 alumni volunteers from across industries are in the network.

As a DePaul student, you can utilize ASK in a number of ways:

  1. Search for and connect with alumni for career, academic and life advice.
  2. Set up in-person (or via phone / video chat) conversations with alumni .
  3. Consider working with an alumni volunteer on an on-going basis to set goals and regular check-ins.
  4. Ask career or college-related questions on the discussion forum.
  5. Join a group to chat with alumni and other students about shared experiences and challenges.

How do I get started?

  1. Visit Click the “Join the ASK Network” button.
  2. Login using your Campus Connect and complete your profile .
  3. Start exploring the ASK Network, asking questions, and requesting mentors! Click the "Network" section to get started.

Become an ASK Volunteer

Students look for advice from people who were recently in their shoes. As a DePaul graduate, your insight and perspective could be invaluable to current students. Join our online community today!

How does it work?

  • Visit Click the “Join the ASK Network” button.
  • Create a profile (you can log in using LinkedIn to save time)
  • Share your experiences
  • Connect with students and alumni who reach out to you
  • Engage in discussion forums with students, alumni and other mentors

Why join?

  • You define your areas of expertise and control your level of participation
  • Strengthen your professional communication and leadership skills
  • Expand your professional network
  • Stay connected to DePaul in a meaningful way

We’re excited to welcome you to the ASK network. Complete your profile today!