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Submissions Overview

Create Submission folders where users can submit files for assignments. Turnitin originality checking is integrated with Submissions, generating originality reports to review possible instances of plagiarism in submitted files. Submitted files can also be evaluated within the Submissions tool, and evaluations can be associated with grade items in Grades. 

Submissions Guides

Submissions FAQs

Yes. A variety of file types, like Word documents, PDFs, and Powerpoints, can be commented on and marked up using the Annotations tool (See Annotating Submissions). All markup will show within the file when a student reviews their feedback. In addition, D2L provides textboxes for entering quantitative and qualitative feedback (see Grading Submissions), both of which will transfer automatically to the Grades area if the Submission folder is associated with a grade item (see Creating Submission Folders.)

Yes. First the student groups must be set up in the course (see Groups Overview), then when the Submission folder is created, select the Group Submission folder setting (see Creating Submission Folders). With a group submission folder, all students in the group will be able to see the feedback entered for the assignment, and the score entered in the Submisisons grading interface will be transferred to the Grades area for all of the students in the group.

In August 2017, D2L changed the title of the "Dropbox" area to "Submissions". This was in an effort to encapsulate what the tool is actually used for. It also reduces confusion with the unrelated website Dropbox.com.

To ensure that student submissions get processed without error, here are D2L submission guidelines:

Students must be sure that filenames for the files they are submitting do not contain any of the following special characters, or D2L will not allow the file submission:

 ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , / : ; < = > ? @ [ \ ] ^ ` { | } ~   

Filenames must include the extension, which is one dot followed by the file extension. (More than one dot, such as filename..doxc, will throw an error.)

Although any file size is accepted, there is one exception: If the Turnitin feature is enabled for any given submission, the file limit size for that submission is 40 MB.

D2L accepts file submissions of many types:  text document, web document, image, and media.  For the full list of accepted file types, see the D2L Brightspace Help Page.

Folders are also allowed, but must be zipped (i.e., folder1.zip)

Any size files are accepted, unless they are Turnitin-enabled. If the Turnitin feature is enabled for any given submission, the file limit size for that submission is 40 MB.