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Dropbox Overview

The Dropbox tool allows you to set up folders where students can turn in assignments online. TurnItIn's plagiarism detection service is integrated with D2L's Dropbox tool, so you can get originality reports for student's files within the Dropbox folder. You can also set up your Dropbox folder so that you can grade files within it and have your feedback automatically transfer to D2L's Grades area. 

Dropbox Guides

​Dropbox FAQs

Can I comment on a student's paper in the Dropbox folder?

Not at this time. D2L's grading interface will allow you to open and read many types of files, including Word, PDF and PowerPoint files, but you cannot make comments on them. However, D2L does provide textboxes for entering quantitative and qualitative feedback (see the Grading Dropbox Submissions page), both of which will transfer automatically to the Grades area if you have the Dropbox folder associated with a grade item (see the Creating Dropbox Folders page.)

Can I create a Dropbox folder for group projects?

Yes. First you have to set up the student groups in your course (see the Groups page), then when you create the dropbox folder, select the Group Submission folder setting (see the Creating Dropboxes page). With a group submission Dropbox folder, all students in the group will be able to see the feedback you enter for the assignment, and the score you enter in the Dropbox grading interface will be transferred to the Grades area for all of the students in the group. ​

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