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Internship Plus Program


The Internship Plus program was established to support DePaul University students participating in unpaid internships that demonstrate financial need. This program awards up to $2,500 in financial assistance to eligible undergraduate students working in a quarter-long unpaid internship.

All awards are t​reated as financial aid, issued as scholarships to the student's tuition account. Please speak with Student Accounts to confirm what impact this will have on your tuition account and how money will be disbursed if there are no current tuition charges.


To be considered for Internship Plus, students must be working for the duration of the quarter in which they apply for funding, submitting the application by the posted deadline. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, with scholarships being awarded up to the end of the application process (or until all funds are awarded).

Quarter Applications Open Deadline to Apply
Spring 2022
February 07, 2022
March 13, 2022

Summer 2022
April 25, 2022
May 22, 2022

The program application is hosted on DePaul Scholarship Connect. 


In order to be eligible for this award, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Must be a current full-time undergraduate student during the quarter of your internship. For summer awards, students must be enrolled full-time during the quarter following their internship. You must be enrolled full time for the appropriate quarter at the time of your application. 
  2. Be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the University, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5/4.0.
  3. The student will be working in an UNPAID internship over the course of the academic term.
  4. The student is not receiving any other scholarships/awards for this unpaid internship opportunity.
  5. The student demonstrates an understanding of their internship role and organization and have articulated the value of this internship experience within their application.
  6. The student demonstrates financial need.
  7. In order to create equal opportunity, students that have received Internship Plus funding in the past will not be eligible to receive funding again.

The application will include questions regarding your unpaid internship opportunity – or the internship you are considering. You will be asked to include detailed information of your internship from the start and end dates, your anticipated responsibilities, and how many hours you will be working at your internship.

There are 5 essay questions that will ask you to discuss how you have prepared for this internship, what you hope to do and learn at your internship, and how this experience will aid towards your personal, academic, and career goals.

Lastly, the application includes a series of questions related to your finances and budget. Specifically, you will be asked to share a detailed description of how you intend to use the award. We will also ask for you to include a breakdown of costs associated with working at your unpaid internship. Award amounts vary from $500-$2500 based on the budget you provide.

These are some of the most important pieces of your application. Your reflective and professional response is encouraged. Be sure to provide details and examples.

At the conclusion of your internship, award recipients must submit a blog post reflecting on their experience (prompts to be provided by the Career Center) and provide 2-3 photos of themselves “in-action” at their summer internship. These blog posts and photos will be used by The Career Center for marketing of Internship Plus.

The application is posted on the DePaul Scholarship Connect portal. Search for “Internship Plus” within the portal and apply directly.

As of September 2020, students that have received Internship Plus funding in the past will not be eligible to receive funding again

Students should have an offer for an unpaid internship by the time they apply, but can still apply if they haven't fully accepted the offer. Please note that applicants with fully confirmed internships will be prioritized over those with internships still being developed.

The award will be posted to your student account as a scholarship.

Financial Aid/Student Accounts oversee the posting process. For questions, contact Student Accounts directly: (312) 362-8610,