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Remote Teaching Options

​​​Live Online Consultations 

Instructional designers in the Center for Teaching and Learning are currently offering daily online consultation sessions for instructors. No RSVP is required.

Upcoming Live Webinars

All times listed are Central Standard Time (CST). Click on the link to RSVP for the session description.

Moving Lectures and Discussions Online: Understanding Your Options 

Facilitating Class Meetings via Videoconference

Recording Video Materials with Panopto

Providing Online Feedback to Students

Facilitating Online Discussions

How-To Guides

The following section is a curated set of resources that can help you get started teaching remotely. If you are looking for instructions for specific tool in D2L, view the Tools documentation. If you are new to D2L, visit the D2L Essentials guide that walks you through the basics.

Getting started with D2L

Moving your lectures and discussions online

There are a number of ways to move your lectures and discussions online. The two resources below address low-bandwidth alternatives to videoconferencing tools, such as discussion boards and collaborative document editors.

Recording and sharing videos

There are multiple ways to record video lectures, demonstrations, quick updates, etc. that students can watch on their own.

Facilitating threaded class discussions in D2L

Threaded class discussions allow students to address you and one another asynchronously.

Using VoiceThread

VoiceThread is a media-rich tool that allows you and your students to create interactive presentations and have asynchronous discussions using audio and video, among other things.

Facilitating real-time sessions via Zoom

Zoom is a videoconferencing application that supports real-time interaction, screen sharing, and more.

Giving quizzes, assignments and grades

Learn how to create quizzes, collect assignments and give students feedback in D2L.