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Panopto Overview

​Panopto is a web-based tool that allows people to record, host, and share audio and video files. It is fully integrated with D2L, and both instructors and students have full access to Panopto.

For additional information on using Panopto, please see the Panopto video tutorials and documentation

Panopto Guides

For students needing help with Panopto, see the Student Guides.

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Panopto FAQs

The time it takes for a Panopto video to become available will vary as it depends on the length of the video and internet connection being used. If a video recording has not processed after 24 hours, please reach out to the Help Desk for support. 

Panopto's support site has tutorials for various recording and editing tools. More information can also be found in the Teaching Common's page on Course Videos.

Panopto organizes videos in folders according to course. If accessing a video recording from a previous class, the course folder will need to be selected. After navigating to Panopto from the D2L course, select Browse from the side menu, then select My Folders and the name of the class in which the video was recorded. 

If attempting to embed a video from a previous course, follow the directions for Embedding a Video. When completing step 9, use the "Everything" dropdown menu at the top to select the appropriate course folder. 

If some students have trouble viewing a Panopto video, they may need to enable third party cookies. See the Panopto documentation on this issue for steps on how to resolve it. 

This occurs when using Safari and can be fixed by modifying a setting for "cross-site tracking." See the CTL blog post on this issue for steps to resolve it.