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Grading Submissions in D2L

In the Submissions area, D2L provides a grading interface that allows you to view files submitted by students, review originality reports provided by TurnItIn, and give qualitative and quantitative feedback. It will show common document file formats, like Word and PDF. For other file types, when you click the file name, D2L will prompt you to download it.

In addition, if you associate a Submissions folder with a grade item, D2L will automatically transfer the grade and feedback to the Grades area for you. You also have the option of using a rubric to grade assignments that students submit to a Submissions folder. Visit the Rubrics guide for more information.

View a File Submitted to a Submission Folder

  1. Click Submissions on your course navigation bar. The Submission Folders page will open.
  2. Click the name of the folder with files that you want to view. The Folder Submissions page will open; it will display a list of all files that have been submitted to the folder.
  3. Click the name of the file. It will open within D2L's document viewer.

Give Feedback on Files Submitted to a Submission Folder

You can provide feedback on files submitted to a folder without providing a score.​ If you would like to provide a score on a file submitted to a folder, however, you must enter a value in the "Out of" field in its settings.  See the Creating Submission Folders guide for more information.

  1. Follow steps 1-3 above. The Evaluate Submission page will open. On its left side, the file will be displayed (or a link to the file if it's in a format that D2L can't read), and on its right side, options for evaluating the file will be displayed.
  2. Enter a numeric value in the Score field. 
  3. Type or paste qualitative comments in the Feedback field.
  4. Select Add a File and upload the file from your computer if you want to attach a file with feedback. 
  5. Save your work.
    • Select Save Draft if you do not want to give students immediate access to their feedback.
    • Select Publish to make the feedback available to students.
  6. Select Next Student to assess the next student's file or Back to Folder Submissions at the top of the page if you are done reviewing files.

Give Audio Feedback on a File Submitted to the Submission Folder

You can directly record up to one minute of audio feedback in D2L. Note that you must have Adobe Flash Player installed and a working microphone connected to your computer to use this feature.

  1. Open the student's submission within the Submissions area (steps 1-3 in the above section.)
  2. Select the Record Audio button under the Feedback field. A pop-up window with audio recording controls will open.
  3. Enable audio input through Adobe Flash by selecting Allow and selecting Remember. (You will  only have to do this the first time you record an audio comment.)
  4. Select the record button when you are ready to speak into your microphone.
  5. Select the record button again to stop recording when you have finished.
  6. Select the green play button to preview your recording.
  7. Select Add when you are done recording your audio comment. The pop-up window will close and you'll see a .wav file listed under the attachments section.
  8. Select the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Give Feedback to Students who haven't Submitted Files to a Submission Folder

You can give feedback to students through a submission folder even if they haven't submitted files to it, i.e., if they submitted their files to you through email or as paper copies.

  1. Select Submissions on your course navigation bar. The Submissions Folders page will open.
  2. Select the name of the folder with files that you want to give feedback on. The Folder Submissions page will open; it will display a list of all files that have been submitted to the folder.
  3. Select the dropdown arrow to the right of the Submissions menu, then select Show Everyone.
  4. Select the search icon to the right of the Search For text box. All students in your course will appear in the list.
  5. Select the Evaluate link to the right of the name of the student you want to leave feedback for.


If you have students who failed to submit their assignment by the Submission folder's due or end date, you can quickly and easily email all of them from within the Submission folder. See the Emailing Students via Submissions guide for more information.
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