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VoiceThread Overview


VoiceThread is an interactive, collaborative, web-based tool that that allows you to communicate through images, audio recordings, videos, and text. You can use VoiceThread to set up a discussion board, record a lecture, or show images. You can add text, audio, or video comments to a VoiceThread, so students can ask questions at a specific point in a lecture or respond to discussion prompts. In addition, you can have students create their own VoiceThread presentation as part of an assignment.

VoiceThread Guides

VoiceThread FAQs

How do I access VoiceThread?

To access VoiceThread, you'll need to add a link to it in the Content area of your course site. See the Adding VoiceThread to D2L guide for more information.

I've been signed out of Voicethread. How can I sign back in?

Go back to the link to VoiceThread in the course's Content area. When you click it, you should automatically be signed back in to VoiceThread.

Where can I learn more about using VoiceThread?

Visit VoiceThread’s Support site to access a full library of help guides on creating, editing, and sharing VoiceThreads.
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