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Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing and collaboration platform that allows you to interact with people online. Zoom can be used for meetings, office hours, webinars, lectures, group projects, and more. Video, audio, and screen-sharing options are available, as well as features like instant messaging, polling, and breakout rooms. 

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Zoom FAQs

While there are a number of ways to schedule Zoom meetings, it is recommended to schedule them from depaul.zoom.us. 

We recommend logging into depaul.zoom.us and creating meetings from there in order to make sure you are logged in and authenticated with your DePaul Zoom account.

If you wish to use the Zoom app on your device to schedule meetings, make sure you login with Campus Connect by selecting Sign In > SSO and entering “depaul” into the company domain field. Then authenticate with Campus Connect. For more information, read Signing in with SSO from the Zoom Help Center.

Links to Zoom sessions can be added to any rich text area in D2L, like news items, activity feeds, and course content. Students will be able to join a meeting by clicking on the link provided at the scheduled time. Links can also be emailed to an entire class using the Classlist tool in D2L; however, spam filters or issues with third-party email providers may interfere with this function. 

Zoom offers features like screen-sharing, white boards, waiting rooms, and breakout rooms to simulate aspects of face-to-face interaction. Becoming familiar with these features can allow you to personalize your Zoom meetings to best fit your teaching style. Visit support.zoom.us to learn more.

Yes, students have access to a Zoom Pro license through DePaul. They can access Zoom by going to depaul.zoom.us and logging in with their @depaul.edu email address and Campus Connect password. From there, students can schedule meetings and share links with others to attend the meeting. View information on student access to Zoom.

DePaul's Center for Teaching and Learning has produced a Zoom Teaching Tips document that includes an email or news item template to use with your students. Zoom has also created a Tips & Tricks document that educators may find helpful.