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The Business & Entrepreneurship Community serves students and alumni interested in the utilization of strategy and analysis to help organizations function efficiently. This community is for you if you're interested in corporate functions such as leadership, operations, and business development. Some careers you might be curious about are accounting, finance, consulting, sales, relationship development, and more. These diverse industries and roles all require dedication to contributing to a larger organization as well as motivation to continually improve and get results.

Your career exploration is an ongoing and evolving process. Regardless of your major, area of study, or year in school, we want to help you achieve your goals and plans for the future. Start early and meet with an advisor if you want to learn more about these exciting industries or if you're ready to take the next step on your path in this fast-paced field!

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Industries & Career Areas

Career areas for students and alumni in this community include these categories:

Accounting, Audit and Compliance  

Accounting, Audit and Compliance

If you’re interested in investigating, collecting, organizing, and preparing financial information to generate reports and maintain accuracy, you might be interested in exploring Accounting, Audit, and Compliance. This area takes strong attention to detail, but it ensures individuals and businesses follow laws and ethical guidelines when dealing with finances. 

Banking and Financial Services  

Banking and Financial Services

Banking and Financial Services covers all kinds of buying, selling, and saving. Managing wealth, navigating loans, advising on investments, and assessing risk factors are all aspects that you might be interested in. The focus is on helping individuals and businesses make sound financial decisions.

Logistics and Operations  

Logistics and Operations

Logistics and Operations thrive on efficiency. Whether it pertains to processes, resources, or human capital, this area revolves around improvement and maximization of day-to-day business. It’s important to recognize major value creators and their impact as these can significantly influence management decisions in an organization. 

Management and Organizational Leadership  

Management and Organizational Leadership

Management and Organizational Leadership are heavily rooted in strategy and effective interpersonal communication. Engaging individuals to meet current and future challenges of an organization is key. You might also be interested in analyzing the big-picture of how groups interact, understanding their motivations, and inspiring them to continue enhancing their work. 


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