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Flex Teaching Training

Flex courses use technology-enhanced classrooms to allow students who are physically in the same room to connect with students joining remotely via videoconference. You also might be teaching face-to-face courses in Zoom-enabled classrooms, and it could be helpful to know how to use the Zoom capabilities.

Get ready for teaching in a Flex modality or Zoom+/Trimodal Room next quarter in three steps:

  1. Review the Flex Teaching resources on the Teaching Commons.
  2. Watch a recorded session to see how different instructors approach Flex teaching.
  3. Schedule a one-on-one, hands-on experience with the technologies in Zoom-enabled classrooms.

Recorded Flex Sessions

Watch a recorded session to see how different instructors approach Flex teaching. Requires authentication.

Intro to Flex Teaching

Watch recording

This recording offers an overview of teaching in a Flex modality where on-campus students learn together with students joining your classroom remotely in Zoom.

Flex Teaching Demo (Writing, Rhetoric & Discourse)

Watch recording

In his  teaching demo, Alan Ackmann (Writing, Rhetoric, & Discourse) offered a brief teaching demonstration in a Trimodal classroom. He also answered a number of instructors’ questions about teaching in this context.

Flex Teaching Demo (Marketing)

Watch recording

In his teaching demo, Zafar Iqbal (Marketing) offered a brief teaching demonstration in a Trimodal classroom, with six practical tips based on his experience. Zafar also answered a number of instructors' questions.

Flex Classroom (Zoom+/Trimodal) One-on-One Training Sessions

You can sign up for a 30-minute session to practice with the technology in these classrooms and get support from CTL staff.