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Assessing an Assignment Submission

​​​Once students have submitted ePortfolios to an assignment step, feedback or assessment can be provided within Digication. For information on assignment steps, see Creating an Assignment.

View an Evidence Submission

  1. From the Digication Home page, select the course [A].
  2. (Optional) Use the dropdown menu to filter by current, archived, or future courses [B].
    select course or filter courses
  3. Select the Assignments tab [A].
    assignments tab from course page
  4. Note: On this page, there will be a table with the class list along the left side and the steps of the assignment along the top. Students who have submitted work to an "Evidence" step should have a yellow box under this step, while those who have not submitted will have a blue box.

  5. Select the name of the assignment [A].
    name of assignment on the classlist table in digication
  6. Select the name of the student to view all submitted items for all steps in the assignment, or select the yellow box of a single step step to view submissions for that step.
  7. Select View ePortfolio (if the submission is an ePortfolio link) or Download File (if the submission is an attachment).
  8. The ePortfolio or file download will now appear.

Clear a Student Submission

If a step is set so that changes cannot be made after submission, there may be cases where a student accidentally submits the wrong ePortfolio section or file to an evidence step. The submission will need to be cleared before they can re-submit the correct evidence.

Note: If the student makes changes after their ePortfolio has been submitted, the student must re-submit the entire portfolio before those changes will be visible within the submitted ePortfolio.

  1. From the Assignments page, select the name of the assignment along the top of the grid.
  2. Select the name of the student whose should be cleared. 
  3. Select Delete next to submission(s) to remove. 
  4. Select Save and Unsubmit to finalize the removal.

Assess with a Teacher Reflection

The best way to respond with qualitative feedback to a student submission in Digication is with a Teacher Reflection step. See Creating an Assignment for instructions on adding this step to an assignment. This step can be added before or after evidence has been submitted.

  1. From the Assignments page, select the name of the assignment along the top of the grid.
  2. Select the name of the student whose work will be assessed.
  3. Select Submit Assessment.
  4. Leave feedback for the student:
    • Enter text comments in the rich text box.
    • To upload a file from a computer with feedback, select Upload Files and then Choose Files.
  5. Select Save and Submit.
  6. The feedback will be available to the student from the Assignments tab within their class page as an item within the "Teacher Reflection" step.