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DePaul advocates the use of ePortfolios to promote and represent reflective practices across learning in multiple professional, curricular, and co-curricular experiences.

Such reflective practices encourage learners to identify, articulate, and synthesize the strengths, values, beliefs, and skills that they bring into multiple contexts. Hence ePortfolios serve as a valuable tool in helping learners achieve all of the University Learning Goals and Outcomes, but particularly Goal 5: Integration of Learning. In addition, ePortfolios encourage access to and experience with the mixed modalities of communication that are increasingly central to literate practices. Overall, ePortfolios, thoughtfully implemented, help DePaul University achieve its mission of developing “the full range of human capabilities and appreciation of higher education as a means to engage cultural, social, religious, and ethical values in service to others.”

Digication Guides

Digication FAQ

Can I meet with someone to learn how to use Digication as an instructor?

Yes! Faculty Instructional Technology Services (FITS) offers one-on-one training and support for Digication.  Sign up for an appointment, or email us at

Can I get help training my students to use Digication?

Yes! The University Center for Writing-based Learning (UCWbL) offers 45- to 90-minute-long, interactive workshops on Digication. Learn more about the UCWbL's in-class workshops.

Can I use Digication as my course management page?

Digication may work for some course management needs, but may not be ideal for all uses. Contact us at to discuss your course needs before choosing your course management system.

Do you have information about using Digication for an entire program?

Yes! Click on the image below to download a short three-page PDF (3 MB) created for anyone interested in implementing ePortfolios in a program or department:

ePortfolios for Programs document cover

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