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​Logging in to Digication

​​​​All students, faculty, and staff are automatically given a Digication account. Log in with BlueKey credentials, or contact DigicationHelp for issues with logging in.

Note: Digication works best in the latest version of Firefox. Adobe Flash, cookies, and javascript must be enabled in the browser to use all features.

  1. Go to http://depaul.digication.com.
  2. Select Login [A].
    select login
  3. Select DePaul University [A].
    select depaul university
  4. Enter BlueKey username and password.
  5. Select Login.
  6. After logging in, the Digication “Home” page will open. This is where a list of classes and portfolios can be found. To return to this page from any other section of Digication, Select the Home icon from the navigation sidebar [A].
    digication home icon