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​Logging in

All students, faculty, and staff are automatically given a Digication account. Log in using your Campus Connect username and password, or contact us at DigicationHelp if you have trouble logging in.

NOTE: Digication works best in the latest version of Firefox. You must have Adobe Flash, cookies, and javascript enabled in your browser to use all the system’s features.

  1. Go to http://depaul.digication.com.
  2. Select Login.
    Select Login
  3. Select DePaul University.
    Select DePaul University
  4. Enter your Campus Connect username and password.
    Enter CC Username and Password
  5. Select Login.
  6. After you first log in, you will be on the Digication “Home” page, where you will find a list of your classes and portfolios. To return to this page from any other section of Digication, Select the Home icon from the navigation sidebar.
    Select Home Icon