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Creating an ePortfolio Template

If you would like to provide your students a basic structure or some starting content for their ePortfolio, you can create a template ePortfolio and share it with the entire course

NOTE: You can base a template based on an existing ePortfolio that you own, or create a new ePortfolio. To create a template based on an existing ePortfolio, go to the Share Your Portfolio with the Class as a Template steps below.

Required Steps

Create an ePortfolio

Templates can either be created using an existing ePortfolio, or by creating a new item as a template. If you already have an existing ePortfolio to make into your template, proceed to the next guide.

  1. From the Digication "Home" page, click Create under the "My ePortfolios" section.
  2. Fill out your ePortfolio preferences, including the title and any permissions for the template.
  3. Create the new ePortfolio and make any changes to the layout, appearence, or content that you would like to share in the template.

NOTE: Your template can include structural and aesthetic settings and/or content items for students to begin with. If you are including content items, make sure you have Published all modules. Unpublished content will not be included in the shared template

Share Your Portfolio with the Class as a Template

  1. From the Digication Home page, click the name of your course under the My Courses section.
  2. Click the ePortfolios tab in the course menu.
  3. Click Add Portfolio.
  4. In the Search by name field, enter the name of the ePortfolio you want to share as a template, or to get a list of all your ePortfolios, leave this field blank.
  5. Click Search
  6. Click Add next to the name of the appropriate ePortfolio in the list of results.
  7. Under the Template heading, select Yes from the drop-down menu.
  8. Click Save.

    NOTE: Follow the same procedure, except do not choose Template, to share an ePortfolio with your class without making it a template (for users to view but not edit).

Next Steps

View our guides on Creating Assignments or Assessing Submissions to learn more about working with student ePortfolio assignments.

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