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Welcome to the Education, Human Services, & Government Community!

The EHSG community meets the needs of students and alums interested in serving the public in various roles and settings, including K-12 and higher education, public service, social service, community agencies, museums, and professional organizations. One common tie these industries have is the desire to work with people and provide services to the public and those they work with. 

Members of this community have a wide range of interests that include helping and advocating for others, often for underrepresented populations, educating children and adults, solving societal issues, creating policy, and serving in government roles. These industries aim to serve others or work for a particular cause. These diverse industries and roles require dedication to contributing to large and small organizations and motivation to continually improve and get results throughout the various interest areas. 

Your career exploration is an ongoing and evolving process. Regardless of your major, area of study, or year in school, we want to help you achieve your goals and plans for the future. Start early and meet with an advisor if you want to learn more about these exciting industries or are ready to take the next steps!

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Industries & Career Areas

Career areas for students and alums in this community include these categories:

Advocacy, Philanthropy, & NGOs  

Advocacy, Philanthropy, & NGOs

Professions in Advocacy, Philanthropy, & NGOs are for those passionate about humanitarian causes and building equity. Related roles can be found at Foundations, Charitable Organizations, and issue-based Nonprofits as well as Non-governmental organizations. Consider exploring this area if you are intrigued about making a difference, primarily on a local or community-based level.

Educational Leadership  

Educational Leadership

If you are interested in k-12 or higher education administration, consider exploring Educational Leadership. This area is focused on educational institutions' policies, procedures, and operations to ensure students, teachers, and staff receive the support and resources they need to succeed. 

Human Resources and Talent Management  

Human Resources and Talent Management

Human Resources and Talent Management is centered on people. Interpersonal relationships with current and prospective employees are key to an organization's reputation and success. You might be interested in Human Resources and Talent Management if you're interested in training, monitoring, mediating, and assessing fit to help cultivate a positive work environment.

Human Services, Social Work, and Counseling  

Human Services, Social Work, and Counseling

You might explore Human Services, Social Work, and Counseling if you are interested in helping and supporting others. You might like counseling or providing support to people in a specified community.

International Relations  

International Relations

Careers in International Relations are focused on global perspectives and relationships. You might explore this area if you are interested in cultural awareness and the interconnectedness of people worldwide. You might enjoy learning about language and be diplomatic when communicating with others.

Law and Law Enforcement  

Law and Law Enforcement

If you are interested in your community's order, safety, and security, you might be interested in exploring Law and Law Enforcement. This area is focused on conflict management, communication, investigation, and oversight--all necessary elements to helping communities feel protected. 

 Museums and Cultural Institutions  

Museums and Cultural Institutions

If you have a love for history, arts, nature, or culture and want to support the process of sharing these with the public you might explore Museums and Cultural Institutions. While some positions require an advanced degree, there are volunteer, internship, and entry level roles available. Job functions include educating, coordinating, fundraising, and programming.

Research, Policy, and Civil Service  

Research, Policy, and Civil Service

You might explore Research, Policy, and Civil Service if you are interested in researching, suggesting policy, and making actionable changes in your community. You might be interested in a public-facing role, acting as a spokesperson for a cause. You might also be prone to leadership, persistence, and delegation to get tasks and efforts completed. If you are more interested in a private-facing role, be confident in knowing your work influences strategy and decisions.

If you are interested in a list of employers who have hired DePaul Students for internships and jobs, you can check out the Political Science resource page. 

Teaching and Instruction  

Teaching and Instruction

Teaching and Instruction are all about facilitation and learning. If you are interested in educating others and furthering their growth and development, this may be an area you want to explore. You might enjoy group dynamics and helping others understand complex ideas.  

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Community Events

The EHSG Community holds quarterly events and workshops designed to help you explore career pathways, connect with students, alums, and employers, and learn from industry professionals. Check out upcoming events at Below is a playlist that includes replays of some of our recent events.

EHSG Resources

Resume Resources: 

Not sure where to start or need to refresh on resume basics? You can check out our Career Library for more resources. Here are the EHSG-specific resume guides:  

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Exploring Your Options: 

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Career Guides by Major

EHSG Funding Opportunities: 

Experience is vital to being a competitive candidate for employers of all industries. Unfortunately, there are specific settings where finding a paid or funded opportunity can be difficult or feel close to impossible.

EHSG Funding Resources
Diversity Internships, Scholarships, Fellowships & Special Programs

Interested in Working Abroad or an International Student? 

As an international student or a domestic student interested in working internationally, we know that you have unique challenges and needs when it comes to the job search process. The following resources are available to help you better navigate your search.

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Student Organizations 

Below is a short list of student organizations you may wish to explore or join. Browse a complete list of DePaul student organizations by logging into DeHub.

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