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Welcome to the Education, Nonprofit & Government Community!

The ENPG community meets the needs of students and alumni interested in serving the public in various roles and settings including both k-12 and higher education, public service, social service, community agencies, museums, and professional organizations. One common tie that these industries have is the desire to work with people and provide services to the public.

Members of this community have a wide range of interests that include helping and advocating for others, often for underrepresented populations, educating children and adults, solving societal issues, creating policy and serving in government roles. The goal that these industries work toward is not profit driven, but rather to serve others, or work for a particular cause.

Meet with an advisor to begin designing a career development framework for charting your own pathway of investigation and exploration in various areas of Education, Government, and Non-profits. Make connections about how your skills, interests, strengths, and passions can fit into these industries—there are so many possibilities!

Industries & Career Areas

Career areas for students and alumni in this community include these categories:


Educational Leadership and Policy

If you are interested in k-12 or higher education administration, you might want to explore Educational Leadership and Policy. This area is focused on the policies, procedures, and operations of educational institutions to ensure students, teachers, and staff receive the support and resources they need to be successful.


Foundations and Charitable Organizations

Foundations and Charitable Organizations are centered on philanthropy. If you are passionate about humanitarian causes and social issues and would like interacting with donors, fundraising, and coordinating special events, you might consider exploring this area.


Human Services, Outreach, and Advocacy

You might explore Human Services, Outreach, and Advocacy if you are interested in helping and supporting others. You might like counseling or organizing people in a community. You may also be passionate about social justice and speaking up for underrepresented groups.


International Relations

International Relations is focused on global perspectives and relationships. You might explore this area if you have an interest in cultural awareness and the interconnectedness of people all over the world. You might enjoy learning about language and be diplomatic when you communicate with others.


Law and Law Enforcement

If you are interested in the safety and security of your community, you might be interested in exploring Law Enforcement. This area is focused on conflict management and communication as well as investigation and oversight--all necessary elements to helping communities feel protected.


Museum and Cultural Institutions

If you have a love for history, arts, nature, or culture and want to support the process of sharing these with the public you might explore this area. While some positions require an advanced degree, there are volunteer, internship, and entry level roles available. Job functions include educating, coordinating, fundraising, and programming.


Public Policy and Civil Service

You might explore Public Policy and Civil Service if you are interested in taking action and making changes in your community. You might be interested in a public facing role, acting as a spokesperson for a cause. You might also be prone to leadership, persistence, and delegation to get tasks and efforts completed.


Teaching and Instruction

Teaching and Instruction is all about facilitation and learning. If you are interested in educating others and furthering their growth and development, this may be an area you are interested in exploring. You might enjoy group dynamics and helping others grasp an understanding of complex ideas.

Resume and Job Search Resources

Industry Tip Sheets

Valuable resources for modern day teachers, school counselors, school administrators and education professionals.

An overview of service programs, including Peace Corps, AmeriCorps and City Year

Resume Samples and Guides

Job/Internship Search & Exploration

Federal, Local, Municipal, County and City Employment Resources

Federal Internships:

As a student or recent graduate, you could be eligible for federal internships and job opportunities through the Pathways Program. There are three different paths for you: Internship Program, Recent Graduates Program, Presidential Management Fellows. Find more information here.

Federal Employment:

  • is the Federal Government’s official source for federal job listings, job applications, and employment information. Not all jobs may be listed on USAJobs, so it is advisable to also check agency websites.
  • Office of Personnel Management- learn more about security clearances, veterans’ preference, student loan repayment assistance and more, as well as to stay up-to-date on the latest hiring trends and reforms.
  • is for students interested in working for the federal government and provides application tips, federal resume writing tips, the application process, benefits of working for the government, pay information, listing of government agencies and more.
  • FAQs on working for the government This section answers some frequently asked questions about government work and workers—including what they do, where their jobs are, what kind of education they need to get started, and how much they earn.

Federal Government Resumes

Federal Positions: Resume Guide

Local and Municipal Employment:

  • State of Illinois employment - and
  • For more information on municipal occupations and job postings in the state of Illinois go to the Illinois City/County Managers Association and the Illinois Association of Municipal Management
  • For national information on Public Administration occupations go to the American Society for Public Administration

County (Cook and Collar Counties) Employment:

City of Chicago Employment:

General Sites for Jobs:

Student Organizations 

Below is a short list of student organizations you may wish to explore or join. Browse a complete list of DePaul student organizations by logging into DeHub.

DePaul University Student Counseling Organization 
Best Buddies 
Circle K DePaul ​