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Career Content for Classrooms

Welcome to our library of career content for the classroom!  
Faculty are very important partners for the Career Center and this is a collection of career content we would like to share with you! Of course, we're happy to come into your classes and meet with your students, but we know that some of you are equally excited about helping students pursue their career pathways so we collected these resources for you to utilize in your classes. Below you will find activities and presentation slide decks of career content, based on our robust Career Library. You can download this content by clicking on the image and use these resources how ever you'd like. 

For every one hour a student spends engaging with a Career Center, the spend 200 hours with faculty.


These peer activities can be used to help students share and provide feedback on a variety of career readiness topics. 

Resume and Cover Letter Peer Exercise
In this activity, students will provide peer feedback on resumes and cover letters - with a special focus on using the correct keywords, making a clear brand statement, and tailoring documents to a specific opportunity. 

Brand Lab Workshop
In this workshop, students will answer questions and reflect on their experience, skills, and interests, culminating in a brand or identity "word bank" that they can use to craft succinct and compelling brand ​​statements and brand bios. 
Mock Interview Peer Exercise

Referring to the "Interview Basics" Career Library handout, students will draft answers to common interview questions, practice answering them with peers, and provide feedback in pairs or small groups.

Career Experience Inventory

Referring to the "Build Relevant Experience" handout in the DePaul Career Library, students will use this inventory to identify experiences (and map skills to those experiences) that they can include on their resume or CV.

Informational Interview Activity
Using the "Informational Interview" handout in the DePaul Career Library, your students will interview each other to get a sense of their partner's career interests. Then they will find three targets for informational interviews (for their partners) using the Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) platform and LinkedIn.


We've collected presentations associated with almost every part of career readiness in one place. Feel free to download and use any of this content in your courses. You are welcome to use these PDF decks to make a custom recording or upload it directly to your classroom. Most decks feature enough text that students can "walk through" these slides on their own. 

Mapping Your Career Options

This presentation walks students through several processes for mapping their career options. It is also accompanied by an optional worksheet that you can find here.

Job and Internship Search

This presentation outlines tips for how to approach a job or internship search. We start with a skills inventory and end with pro-tips for navigating Applicant Tracking Systems.

Tailoring Your Resume and Cover Letter

This presentation describes how to customize your resume and cover letter. It includes content about how to identify in-demand skills and integrate them into both documents. 

Job Offers and Salary Negotiation

This presentation identifies how to research salaries and how to handle job offers and negotiating salary, benefits, etc. 

Interviewing 101

This presentation introduces the most common types of interview questions and provides examples for how to answer them. It also offers tips on how to prepare!

Creative Resume Design

This presentation helps students understand when a creative resume is a good option and discusses the spectrum between a traditional resume and a creative one.

How to Beat an ATS

This presentation introduces students to applicant tracking systems (ATSs) and offers tips on how to edit your resume to successfully "make it through" the ATS.

Project Managing the Job Search

This presentation introduces a tactical approach to project managing the search, which can be a time-consuming effort. It also refers to this shared template for organizing the search. 

5 Ways to Use Your Summer to Upskill and Explore Careers

This presentation offers tips on how to use your summer to build in-demand skills, reflect on your interests and passions, and explore career pathways. It is appropriate for any student who is not planning on a summer internship but would like to start their career journey.

Intro to Remote Tools

This presentation introduces remote work technology that has become ubiquitous across a wide variety of industries.

Upskilling During the Pandemic

This presentation defines "upskilling," outlines how to build new skills in a competitive economy, and identifies some of the most in-demand skills.

Resume Basics for First and Second Year Students

This presentation defines the purpose of a resume, outlines the required sections, and helps early college career students identify what kinds of experiences can be featured on a resume.

Introduction to Career Experiences

This presentation outlines the different types of career experience students can pursue as part of exploration and career development, ranging from informational interviews to internships.

Designing High-Impact Presentations

This presentation is part of our skills lab offerings, and it offers tips on how to design a compelling presentation.

Creating a Website

This presentation introduces students to basic content management tools, like Wix and WordPress.

Alumni MasterClass: Planning a Pivot

This presentation introduces an 8-step process for planning a career pivot.

Alumni MasterClass: Finding and Maintaining a Work/Life Balance

This presentation provides tactical tips for balancing work and life, especially in a remote work world.

Alumni MasterClass: Using Your Strengths at Work

This presentation introduces the CliftonStrengths assessment and identifies how it can be used to make the most of your strengths at work.

Preparing for Graduate School
Choosing to pursue a graduate degree (and which one) can be a challenging process! In this slide deck, we'll provide advice about how to choose a program, how to systematize the application process, and funding options, and other tips and tricks!

Resume Master Class
Perhaps the most confusing part of your self-promotion process, writing effective resumes is more of an art than a science. This deck presents basics as well as advanced strategies for creating resumes that meet you wherever you are in the job search.

Finding a Summer Internship
In this deck, we provide concrete tactical tips for project managing your internship search and crafting competitive materials!