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ServiceNow is coming to DePaul

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A more user-friendly service portal to better assist the university

Tired of the current ticketing system? Our current Help Desk system is 15 years old. You may have heard the rumors about a change. I'm happy to announce that the rumors are true.

DePaul is in the process of converting to ServiceNow. The new platform will simplify and streamline the current IS ticketing system, and allow our department to provide better, more efficient services to the students, faculty and staff of this university.

ServiceNow is a brand new way to help you.

Here are just a few of the ServiceNow benefits:

  • Conforms to ITIL best practices
  • Latest cloud-based technology
  • Brand new, user-oriented service portal
  • Robust knowledge base capability with powerful search tool

This system will combine the vast majority of the technology, services and infrastructure that IS offers into a one-stop shop. If IS does it, ServiceNow will be the place to go. It will help us get the university community what they need even faster and more efficiently.

ServiceNow says it “reimagines the IT experience" through a user-oriented, usable interface that increases employee adoption and speeds up ticket resolution time. ServiceNow provides more ways to interact with DePaul students, faculty and staff, which in turn will allow Information Services to better serve the university.

Important times

Training: Mid to late November

Soft Go Live: Just before Winter Break

Real Go Live: Mid to late January (Go Green!!)

Go Live is just the beginning. We will be continuously building and improving the new ServiceNow ticketing system after the initial launch date.

Stay tuned for future emails with more details.

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