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Visual Guides

To make sites consistent and easy to design, we have a number of ready-made design assets that come with each site. Learn about the standard user interface elements every site receives, as well as options that are your choice to add. 

Basic HTML Guide
Learn about the default settings for basic HTML elements that work in our platform.

Classes Guide
See how some of our classes can add additional visual distinction to content.

Take a look at our two fonts and learn why they should be the only fonts you ever use in your site.

Body Content Objects
Bring visual interest and structure to your content and create calls-to-action for home pages and landing pages with body content object markup.

Single Content Objects
Structure content or create a call-to-cation for a home page with a single content object. These were previously also used in right sidebars, but we're phasing them out...

Want something other than the default blue? Check out a few of the options for site color themes. ​