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Scheduled Publishing

​​The scheduled publishing tool can be used to publish an edit for a future date and time. This feature works for existing or newly created pages. Scheduling publishing is not intended to schedule deletion or to unpublish pages.

  1. Make the planned edits on your page.
  2. Check in your changes.
    Check it in
    Check it in screenshot

  3. Under the Publish tab on the ribbon, click on Schedule.
    Click on Schedule screenshot
  4. Enter a future date and time for your edits to go live. Click Ok. Please refrain from using the End Date option as this tool is not intended to schedule deletion of pages or to unpublish pages.
    Fill out date and time screenshot
  5. Check in these changes.
  6. Publish the page.
    Publish screenshot
  7. Approve the page. (Skip this step if you are on an approver on the site)
    Approve screenshot

  8. Your changes will go live at the scheduled date and time.