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Gallery Web Part - Photo or Video Gallery

The Gallery Web Part can be used to display photos or videos. The web part is designed to support images or videos on a page in a seamless, functional manner. The gallery can also double as a slideshow with a few simple changes to the web part configuration.

Even a single video should be hosted on YouTube or another video hosting service and placed on the page using the Gallery Web Part with the video configuration described in the instructions.

IMPORTANT: content editors must follow image best practices requirements when using the gallery web part.

Photo Gallery

The difference between the Slideshow Web Part and the Gallery Web Part is the use case.

The Gallery Web Part is ideal for pages that want to display a series of images or videos that are of varying sizes and orientations (a mix of horizontal and vertical, some wider than others, etc). It is optimal for interior pages because it’s flexible with sizing, so long as images meet our base image size requirements of 800px wide and optimized for Web. It has various settings under Edit Web Part where you can set it to auto-advance, show thumbnails of the images at the bottom, and more. The Gallery Web Part also allows for captions that default to the lower left corner with a small text size. The Gallery Web Part should be used in the Main Content Area, not the Right Rail. 

The Slideshow Web Part is best used on home pages and really wide landing pages. The Slideshow Web Part works differently than the Gallery in that it works with a fixed width and height (unlike the Gallery Web Part, which adjusts and displays each image optimally). For the Slideshow Web Part, we recommend images be as close to 1900px by 500px as possible - exact is best. The thing the Slideshow Web Part offers that the Gallery Web Part does not is flexibility with text overlay content. ​