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Web Accessibility

​​Making DePaul sites more accessible for all

At DePaul, we are dedicated to making our Sharepoint websites and web content accessible to everyone. Although it can be a large task to convert our web content to fully accessible, there are some basic steps we can take in order to simplify the process and ensure that all users can access our web content.

Fortunately, web accessibility technology continues to advance, making it easier for more and more people to browse the web. In this tutorial video, we’re going to go over some of the tools and tips to make DePaul Sharepoint content easily accessible.


Web accessibility is an important part of being a Sharepoint Editor or Approver. Remember to keep web pages simple with logical text and headings. Always use alt text to describe any images. If you need to add video, audio or PDFs to a web page, view the additional resources to learn more. DePaul strives to provide clear and accessible information that accommodates all disabilities and assistive technologies. By following the practices laid out in this video, you are a vital part of this process. As always, reach out to the Help Desk with any questions at Thank you for watching this tutorial video.

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