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Faculty Bio System - Bio Rollup Web Part

​​ The Faculty Bio System is made up of two components: the BioRollUp Web Part and the individual faculty bio pages that use the Bio Page Layout.

The page that lists your entire faculty is probably called Faculty A-Z and is under your Faculty & Staff top-level navigation. This page is usually the landing page of the subsite in which the URL ends in something like: faculty-a-z/Pages/default.aspx. The faculty bio pages (these pages are regular pages that use the Bio Page Layout, and usually live under that A-Z subsite where the rollup is as pages where the end of the URL looks like: faculty-a-z/Pages/name-of-faculty.aspx).

You do not need to edit the A-Z page or do anything to the BioRollUp Web Part.

The BioRollUp Web Part is used to gather and display the faculty bios in a condensed manner and has been configured for you. This means you will never have to edit the A-Z page or the page in your department that displays your faculty bios using the BioRollUp Web Part.

You'll see that the BioRollUp Web Part can be configured two ways: to display the entire faculty list in an A-Z format for a Faculty A-Z page, or to query specific faculty such as all of the faculty in a single department. We have already configured these for you, and using the web part the faculty are pulled in automatically. Once the rollup has been configured you never need to touch it again!   

The rollup web part automatically adjusts* to the pages you add or remove, so all you have to do to affect change on the rollup/a-z list is to create or delete individual faculty bio pages* (any pages living under the A-Z list subsite that use the Bio Page Layout). 

Step-by-step Instructions

See our Instructions page for a step-by-step guide on how to add or remove faculty from the A-Z subsite or your department's faculty listing, and/or watch this video:

​Bio Cache

The bio system relies on a cache to be periodically refreshed - it's set to refresh three times a day. A few things to keep in mind with a caching system:

  • If you delete an existing faculty bio page, you may see that faculty member's image in the rollup until the next time the cache refreshes. The "View bio" link will be broken.
  • If you add a faculty bio page but do not publish it, when the cache refreshes it will include that bio in the rollup, but the "View bio" link will be broken. You must publish all faculty bio pages to ensure when the cache refreshes that it won't carry over any broken links. 
  • When you update a bio image on an existing faculty bio page, the new image will appear on the individual bio layout page but will not be updated in the bio rollup until the cache is refreshed.
  • If there's a sensitive situation and you need a faculty member removed from the site immediately, please email, and we will trigger a manual refresh of the cache ASAP.