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Basic Editing Steps

These are the basic steps for content editors.

  1. Open your site in your preferred browser. We recommend Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome
  2. Log in to your site using your Campus Connect username and password
  3. Go to the page you wish to edit
  4. Click on the Edit icon or go to the page tab in the ribbon and click Edit Page (if the ribbon doesn't show up, click Site Actions and select Show Ribbon)
  5. Complete your edits
  6. When you are done, click Save & Close and then Check In
  7. If you want to submit the page for approval, click on the Publish tab and click Submit, make any comments and click Start. An approver will then complete the workflow. 

Before creating, adding, editing or removing content, it is good practice to analyze the content and consider the goal behind it using our content strategy guide. It is also beneficial to familiarize yourself with the university brand resources style guide.​