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Content Lists

​Content lists are integral to the functionality of some of our web parts.

You may come across areas where Digital Experience and Analysis (DXA) and Information Services staff have used the Tab2 web part paired with a list to supply content. This section will go over how to maintain the content within these existing lists.

You do not need to edit a list’s field types or a Tab2 web part — the list and the web part settings have been configured for you by DXA and/or I.S. Contact the Help Desk if you have specific questions about an existing Tab2 web part or list.

List content is maintained through Site Actions » View All Site Content. If the corresponding list for a piece of functionality does not exist within its parent subsite, the list might be located at the root of the site.

See our detailed instructions on how to edit, add and delete content in a list.

Note: Lists are also used with SmartForms. See the SmartForms section for more information.