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HTML Web Part

​ The HTML Web Part allows you to put HTML-coded content in a web part area, usually on a home page.

This web part is used exclusively in the areas under the slideshow or header image on Home Pages. If you already know HTML, you are ready to use the web part. We suggest utilizing our Basic HTML Guide as a refresher.​

Note: You do not need to utilize the web part in the Main Content area of any page to edit HTML — you can view the HTML source of the Main Content area of any page by clicking within the area, going to the Format Text tab in the ribbon and clicking on the HTML button (next to Markup Styles) and selecting Edit HTML Source in Rich Text Editor from the dropdown. More about that is in our use guide.

For more information about editing HTML in your site, please see the HTML Use and Suggested Guidelines page.

Step-by-step Instructions

Want to know how to put the HTML Web Part on a page? Check out the Instructions, and/or watch this video: