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Analyzing Content & Strategy

​Web content shoul​d be purposeful and strategic. Every page should have a goal -- whether it is to inform the user, get the user to perform an action, provide instructions or downloadable forms, assist the user with how to find something or who to contact. If content doesn't have strong reasoning behind it, it may be time to rethink it or find ways to make it more meaningful. Here you'll find many points to consider before creating, adding, changing or deleting content on your website. 

Adding new content and new pages

You should know the goal of the content before you create it. You should also make sure that the content doesn't already exist elsewhere on your site or another DePaul site (if it does exist elsewhere, you can simply link to it). Before adding new content or making a new page, you should think strategically about it.
It is important to ask yourself these questions:
  • What is the purpose of the content and/or new page and what will it contain?
  • Where will the content/page live?
  • Why does this content/page need to exist and why does it specifically need to exist here? Is it important? 
  • What value will it add to the website? How does it assist or inform students or others in the DePaul community?
  • Will students and other users be able to logically and easily find it?
  • Is it in the right place? Does it need to be its own page or can the content be added elsewhere?
  • Is there a better way to include this content?
  • Will a web part or specific page layout make the content better or improve the overall user experience?
  • Does it follow the university style guide and contain correct spelling and grammar?

Editing existing content

Sometimes you need to update existing content, or add to it. 
It is important to always think through these questions before changing or adding content on a page:
  • Will the addition/edit improve or enhance the goal or purpose of the page?
  • Does the update or addition change the meaning of the page? Does the content need to be on its own page or does it need to be put somewhere else?
  • Does it first and foremost make sense?
  • Will students or other users know to find it here?
  • Does this content exist elsewhere?
  • Will a web part  make the content better or improve the overall user experience?
  • Does it follow the university style guide and contain correct spelling and grammar?

Removing/deleting content or pages

When content is outdated or incorrect, you may find yourself needing to remove or delete it. Sometimes what needs to be removed is just content on a page and sometimes it can be entire pages. 
Ask yourself these questions before removing/deleting content or pages:
  • How incorrect or outdated is the content/page? Will removing/deleting it be beneficial?
  • Will I need to add this content/page again in the future?
  • Will I need to replace any part of this content or should I completely remove it?
  • Do any other pages link to this content or page that would result in a broken link?
  • Does this content also exist somewhere else?
  • Is this page actually a subsite and do I need the pages underneath it? (if so, put in a TSC Ticket)