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Roles and Permissions

​​​Requesting Access

Before you can be given access to edit your college or department's website, you will first need the permission of your site owner and you will need to attend a SharePoint training workshop.  Please ask your site owner to email a request to  They should include the name, username, and role (editor, approver, SmartForm viewer ​and/or SmartForms editor) of each individual to be added to the site.  Once we have received your site owner's request, you will be sent an invitation to register for training to your DePaul email address.  Access to your site will be granted upon completion of training.

Basic Permissions


  • edit existing pages
  • create new pages
  • submit pages to an approver to be published
  • can view & export information submitted through SmartForms

Training: Editor Training required


  • can do everything an editor can do
  • approve pages to complete the publishing process

Training: Editor Training required

SmartForm Permissions

SmartForm Viewer

  • view & export information submitted through SmartForms

Training: no training required

SmatForm Editor

  • edit existing SmartForms and lists*
  • create new SmartForms and lists
  • view & export information submitted through SmartForms
*Please note that there is no workflow, approval process or version history available in SharePoint lists.  Therefore, we recommend that site owners be cautious about assigning the SmartForm editor permission level.​

Training: Editor Training and SmartForms Training required