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​​ SmartFor​ms is our online form solution in SharePoint. It was developed by a third party and has been integrated into our environment with tweaks to meet our styling needs.

Only some SharePoint users are granted permissions to be able to create and edit SmartForms. Users who have been selected by their manager or their site's owner go through a special SmartForms training session. They are granted access after the training session has completed.

Please note: This section is intended to help users who have already been through SmartForms training. To request to attend SmartForms training, please have your site owner email You must have already been through basic SharePoint editor training before attending SmartForms training.

If you have not had SmartForms training and you believe you need to be trained, discuss with your manager and/or site owner, and they may request that you go through the training course. Only users with essential SmartForms needs will be given SmartForms training and access.

Creating a form using SmartForms requires three major parts. Part one is creating a List. Part two is using the web part to display the form on a page. Part three is configuring the web part to display the form correctly. All parts require easy but specific configuration. See the List Instructions, Web Part Instructions and updated Configuration Guide and Advanced Configuration.


SmartForms allow you to create online forms that save entered data into a List in your SharePoint site. When you create the form, you can select various types of fields for the user to fill out, such as plain text, a numeric value, multiple choice answers, drop-down options, and more. 

Response data is collected in the List within your site and can be viewed only by those granted access to view the List data. 

The collected data can be exported to Excel (to export to Excel, switch browsers to Internet Explorer -- for all other editing in SharePoint and SmartForms, we recommend using Firefox or Chrome browsers).

You can configure the form to automatically send an email notification that the form has been filled out to any inbox you choose with a direct link to sign in and view the data in the List.