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Specialty Page Layout Options

​Some pages require a more structured layout than a Two Column or Three Column Layout can provide. To help accomplish specific formatting needs for common types of content, we've created specialty pages to allow you to bring your content forward without needing to know how to write or edit code.

In addition to these specialty content pages, we've also created a special utility page to allow site editors to redirect a page to another destination.

Specialty Page Layouts:

Bio Page Layout:

This two-column layout offers left navigation and the Main Content Area is structured for a biography, including a headshot and designated fields for name, title, department, contact info, etc.

News Article 2 Layout:

This is the option for article-type content (news stories, blog-style posts, press releases, etc.). News Article 2, when paired with News Rollup 2, offers an excerpt of each article with a auto-generated "Read more" link. Both include fields for title, article date, author and category.

Redirect Layout:

The Redirect Layout is a special page that gives you the ability to redirect a site visitor to any page or URL that you choose.


Wide Layout:

The Wide Layout does not include the left navigation, and the Main Content area extends across the full width of the page.

It is usually used in special cases where the content does not need to be supported by the context of the left navigation. Use sparingly and consult with Web Communications for best practices for this layout.