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Social Media Web Part

The Social ​Media Web Part allows you to display your office/department/school's social media accounts in one simple web part.

Unlike the Facebook or Twitter web parts, this web part does not embed a feed. It displays icons for each platform and links to the corresponding account. This web part is easy to configure and allows you to display your presence in up to four social platforms that the user can then view and follow.

One of the upsides to this web part is its simplistic design, which looks much like one of our single Panel Objects. It blends in with the design of the site and uniformly displays the icon of each social platform without overpowering the appearance of the page. Another upside is when a user is on a smartphone, the icon they click will open to the account profile or feed in the corresponding platform's native app on their phone. This is a standard and expected experience.

We recommend using this web part instead of the Twitter or Facebook feed web parts and plan to eventually phase out the feed web parts, so feel free to replace any existing ones on your sites now.

A real example of the web part is below:

See detailed step-by-step instructions.