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Content Page Layout Options

The three Content Page layouts below are considered our workhorses. They represent approximately 95 percent of the pages that make up websites at DePaul. When combined with the power and flexibility of the webparts available for use with these layouts, there is almost nothing you can't accomplish.

The most commonly used layout is the Three Column Layout. All new pages default to the Three Column Layout as it offers the most flexibility.

Content Page Layouts:

Two Column Layout:

The Two Column Layout offers left navigation and a fairly wide Main Content area without a right sidebar.

It's ideal for use with FAQ, Shared Content, Photo Gallery and Slideshow web parts.

Three Column Layout:

The Three Column Layout offers left navigation, a Main Content area in the middle and a Right Sidebar. It is the recommended standard page layout.

It's useful for FAQ, Gallery, and Shared Content in the Main Content area and HTML or Social Media web parts in the Right Sidebar.

Wide Layout:

The Wide Layout can be considered both a standard layout as well as specialty layout.  As a standard layout, it does not include the left navigation, and the Main Content area extends across the page.

It is usually used in special cases where the content does not need to be supported by the context of the left navigation.