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Standard Content Page Layout Options

The two Standard Content Page Layouts below are considered our workhorses. They represent approximately 95 percent of the pages that make up websites at DePaul. When combined with the power and flexibility of the webparts available for use with these layouts, there is almost nothing you can't accomplish.

The most commonly used layout is the Two Column Layout. All new pages default to either the Two Column Layout or the Three Column Layout.

Content Page Layouts:

Two Col

Two Column Layout:

The Two Column Layout offers left navigation and a full-width Main Content area.

It's ideal for standard use for all kinds of structured content and standard web parts.

Three Col

Three Column Layout:

The Three Column Layout offers left navigation, a Main Content area in the middle and a Right Sidebar. It is the default page layout for many sites.

This layout is being slowly phased out, as it is no longer an industry standard layout. The right sidebar offers a place to put additional content or calls-to-action, however, this practice is not optimal.