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Uploading/Inserting Documents

Documents are uploaded to your SharePoint site's documents libraries, published, and then inserted as a link on a page. Below are the steps for uploading and linking to documents.

We recommend only uploading accessible PDF documents. Learn how to make your PDFs accessible by watching this short LinkedIn Learning video on making accessible PDFs.

Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files must housed in your site's root documents folder. Overall we recommend only using PDF files. 
**Even though it is not recommended, if you must link to a Microsoft Office file in your site, you have to upload it to the top-level (root) documents folder, accessed through View All Site Content via your site's home page.

Overall, for optimal accessibility, we recommend uploading documents sparingly and instead making all content on your website text content (or at least an accessible PDF if a PDF is absolutely necessary).

Steps for uploading and inserting documents

1. After logging in to your site, go to the page where you want to insert the document. When you are on the page, click the Edit icon (the second to the right of Site Actions) or click on the Site Actions dropdown menu and select Edit Page.

2. Click in the Main Content area and highlight the words to which you would like to link the document (this is usually the document title or a related contextual phrase - do not use "click here").

3. Click on the Insert tab in the ribbon and then click on Link or from the dropdown, click From Sharepoint

editing tools

4. A box will appear that shows your SharePoint Documents library, click Upload at the top to upload the document (this should be done for PDFs, see note above about Word documents -- upload those to your top-level Documents folder only). Or, navigate to the document if you've already uploaded it (skip steps 5-6).

5. Click Choose File to choose the file from your computer and then click OK

6. After you have chosen the file from your computer, when another box pops up, click Save

7. Select the document so it is highlighted by clicking on it and then click OK

The page will now look like this in edit mode:


Your document is now linked in the text. Notice that it automatically added the Adobe Reader symbol to indicate that the file type is a PDF. Now you must publish the page you just linked the new document on.

When you are done editing the page, don’t forget to Save & Close and Check In the page. 

Now we'll publish the page:

Documents automatically publish like images, so you don't have to separately publish documents anymore, but you do need to publish the page to make the changes live.

If you are an Editor, you will need an Approver to approve your changes and then publish the page. To submit a page for approval to be published by an Approver: after Checking In a page, go to the Publish tab next to Page in the ribbon and click Submit and then click Start. The Approver will get an email asking them to approve the page.

If you are an Approver: you can approve a page that has been submitted to be published by clicking on the Publish tab and clicking Approve, then click Continue, and then click Approve.

View our full instructions on publishing a page.

SharePoint Documents FAQ

Steps for pre-uploading multiple documents

If you are going to insert several documents on a page, we suggest first uploading them to the site's Documents library.

On the page where you would like to insert the documents, go to theSite Actions dropdown menu and select View All Site Content

You are now taken to a view showing the image and document libraries for the subsite that your page is under. Click on Documents

You are now in the Documents library. You should see a small green plus sign with the words Add New Item next to it. Click that to upload documents from your computer.

Now when you go back to the page where you want the documents to be linked, edit the page and click in the Main Content area and highlight the text you would like to be the link to the document.

Click on the Insert tab in the ribbon and then click on Link or from the dropdown, click From Sharepoint

A box will appear that shows your SharePoint Document library, click on the image you previously uploaded and click OK.

When you are done editing the page, don’t forget to Save & Close and Check In.

What if I want to link to a Word document?

Word documents are not optimal, however, if you do need to link to a Microsoft Office Word document in your SharePoint site, you can upload it to the root Documents library.

Go to your site's home page and click on Site Actions, then select View All Site Content. The Documents library there should be set up to allow Word documents*.

This also applies to other Microsoft Office documents like Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoints. However, please keep in mind that these file type are not optimal becau​​se not all computers or devices will be able to open them. ​​​

*Put in a TSC Ticket if you link to documents that live in this folder and they still require login.​

How can I tell if I successfully linked to my document and published my page?

Sign out of SharePoint by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of the page and click Sign Out. Your page will refresh and you can then type in the URL of your site again.

You can also check in a different browser that you are not signed in on, or ask a colleague who is not an editor in your site to look at the page on their computer.