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Body Copy - Source Sans Pro

See this body copy? This is Source Sans Pro, the standard body font for responsive DePaul websites. This hardy typeface is made specifically for the screen and works well at varying resolutions and sizes. Source Sans Pro comes standard with all new DePaul websites and is made available through font-face embedding. There is no need to manually apply or select this font as it is automatically applied out of the box.

Heading Fonts - Open Sans Condensed

See that heading above? That's Open Sans Condensed. The responsive framework automatically applies Open Sans Condensed to all headings. Heading 1, or H1, is always used as the page title and H2 through H6 are best thought of as ordered lists where each heading represents a subsection of the parent. H2s are subsections of a page (H1), H3s are subsections of H2s, and so on. Headings differ from each other enough in order to establish the content hierarchy of a page.​​ There's no need to style headings—simply knowing how and when they're used will make your page look organized and well designed.