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Changing the Navigation Title

The navigation title is the label that shows in your site’s left-hand navigation menu (and the drop-down navigation, if applicable). The first thing to consider when attempting to change the navigation title: Are you labeling a subsite or a page?

In a subsite

The URL of a subsite will end in /Pages/default.aspx. If it’s a subsite that needs a new navigation title, you’ll need to contact the Help Desk. Once the ticket is assigned, staff in DXA will review your request and reach out to you with any questions.

In a page

As a site editor, you have permission to change the navigation title of a page. Check out and edit the page that needs a new navigation title.

Page Heading and Navigation Title appear at the top of the page in edit mode. Navigation Title is the field where you’ll update the label that appears in the left-hand navigation menu.

Text fields in SharePoint

Once you Save & Close and Check In the page, you’ll see that the navigation title has changed in the left navigation. (If it hasn’t changed, it is probably because it is a subsite—see above.) For the new navigation title to be visible to the public, submit the page for publishing.

Please note

If you are changing the content of a page significantly, it is best practice to instead create a new page, name it accordingly, and delete the old page.

Consider this scenario: You edit a page called Student Scholarships, changing its content and Navigation Title to “Student Conference.” The page’s URL remains /Pages/student-scholarships.aspx.

This inconsistency could affect your site content’s ranking in search engine results. When a user searches for “student scholarships,” they might land on your page because the search engine associates that old URL with your newly​​ updated content.