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Changing the Navigation Title

What's a navigation title?The navigation title is what renders in the left-hand navigation menu and the drop-down navigation, if applicable) to label the page.

How to change the navigation title The first thing to consider when attempting to change the navigation title: Is it a subsite or a page?

If it's a subsite
The URL of a subsite will end in "/Pages/default.aspx". If it's a subsite that needs a new navigation title, you'll need to submit a TSC ticket. Once the ticket is assigned, a WebComm administrator will review your request and reach out to you with any questions.

If it's a page
As a site editor, you have permission to change the navigation title of a page.

Check out and edit the page that needs a new navigation title.

Scroll down to the bottom of the content area. You'll see a tab called Page Info. Navigation Title is the field where you can update the word or words that show up in the left-hand navigation menu.

Once you Save & Close and Check In the page, you'll see that the navigation title has changed in the left navigation. (If it hasn't changed, it is probably because it is a subsite - see above.) For the new navigation title to be visible to the public, please submit the page for publishing.

Note: If you are changing the content of the page significantly, it is best practice to instead create a new page, name it accordingly and delete the old page. Why? Let's say you have a page called Student Scholarships, but you change the content, including the Navigation Title, to Student Conference. The URL is still "/Pages/student-scholarships.aspx." That can work against you when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization): When a user searches for "student scholarships," they may land on your page because the search engine associates the URL to the content.​​​