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What is a Web Part?

A Web Part is a fundamental part of the SharePoint platform that enables content editors to easily and readily modify content appearance and behavior on a page.

A standard set of Web Parts have been developed for use on all DePaul websites. Web Parts can enhance the user experience of the page, create interactivity, add visual appeal and condense long content into expandable sections.

View descriptions and functional examples of each Web Part along with instructions on how to configure them:

Where to Place Web Parts in a Layout

College Websites

Business, LAS, CSH, Communication, and Education: The layouts in these sites have been updated to meet the latest web standards and do not include a right sidebar option​. Therefore, all webparts can only be used in the Main Content Area of a page. The HTML web part should not be used on standard Two Column pages but remains available in the site for use on the homepage.

All Other Responsive Sites

Main Content Area Only

  • Class Search
  • Faculty Bio System (two-column layout only)
  • FAQ
  • Gallery
  • Page Rollup
  • Shared Content
  • Slideshow
  • Smartforms 
  • Tabs

Right Sidebar Only

  • HTML

Sidebar or Main Content Area

  • Social Media
  • Localist