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Surveys and Polls

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Tools for Creating Surveys or Polls

There are various ways to create polls or surveys to engage people with the content of a course or a presentation. Deciding on which tool to use will depend on factors such as synchronicity, variety in question type, and type of access.

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I should use... Pros Cons
Engage participants and share results in real time.
Poll Everywhere
  • Polls distributed and updated in real-time
  • Varied response types include rank-ordered Q and A, clickable images, and more
  • Integrated with PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides
  • Accessible over app, web, through mobile text messaging
  • Option for asynchronous survey use
Create (and collaborate) on simple surveys. Google Forms
  • Housed in Google drive for accessibility
  • Various templates and themes available
  • Results available in real-time
  • Option to invite collaborators for editing surveys or viewing results

Engage participants during a Zoom meeting. Polling in Zoom
  • Create polls in advance or during meeting
  • Share results with Zoom Meeting attendees
  • Polls are not visible to browser users
  • Host must use desktop client
  • Only original host can edit or add polls during a meeting
  • Response types are limited to single or multiple choice
Use a sophisticated research suite with advanced features for creating, distributing, and analyzing surveys. Qualtrics
  • Available DePaul branding
  • Vast number of survey templates, including options for customer, product, and brand research
  • Varied response types
  • Comprehensive data analysis and report building
  • Advanced platform may be too complex for simple surveys
  • Sharing real-time results is more difficult than in other tools
Incorporate an asynchronous survey for students within D2L content. 
Surveys in D2L
  • Option for anonymous responses
  • Settings for question navigation like branching and preventing backward movement
  • Questions can be imported from question library
  • Varied response types

  • User interface for setting up quizzes and viewing reports is not intuitive
  • Cannot be accessed outside of D2L
  • Anonymous setting cannot be undone
  • Individual responses cannot be viewed when set to anonymous
Integrate a quiz within a video recording. Panopto Quizzes
  • Quiz can be inserted at any point within the recording
  • Option to block advancement in the video until quiz is completed
  • Multiple quizzes can be added
  • Can be attached to a gradebook item when inserted in content as an existing activity
  • Limited response types
  • Quiz must be added prior to publishing the video

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Learn more about utilizing surveys and forms from the staff at Faculty Instructional Technology Services (FITS)

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