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Human Services, Outreach, and Advocacy

You might explore Human Services, Outreach, and Advocacy if you are interested in helping and supporting others. You might like counseling or organizing people in a community. You may also be passionate about social justice and speaking up for underrepresented groups.

Explore Career Paths and Possibilities:

Below is a sample list of entry points for students interested in Human Services, Outreach, and Advocacy. Some positions within this group do require a specialized graduate degree (denoted by an asterisk). Additionally, some careers require state licensing and most graduate programs include an internship component. While internships can be a great way to build related experience and gain exposure, volunteer opportunities can look just as strong on your resume.


  • Mental Health Counselor Intern*
  • Youth Development Intern 
  • School Counselor Intern* 
  • Child and Adolescent Intern
  • Social Work Intern* 

Post-Grad Entry Points:

  • Intake Coordinator
  • Community Organizer
  • Mental Health Counselor*
  • Social Worker*
  • Case Manager
  • Social and Human Services Assistants 
  • Community and Social Service Specialist 
  • Social and Community Service Manager
  • School Counselor*


Some industries change more quickly than others, it is important to stay informed on the latest trends in your interest areas to be sure you are best preparing yourself for internships and full time roles post-graduation. Below are a few resources to help you stay up to date regarding Human Services, Outreach, and Advocacy:

School Counselor Resources
Clinical Mental Health Resources
American Psychological Association
National Association of Social Workers