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Research, Policy, and Civil Service

​​​ ​​​​You might explore Public Policy and Civil Service if you are interested in taking action and making changes in your community. You might be interested in a public facing role, acting as a spokesperson for a cause. You might also be prone to leadership, persistence, and delegation to get tasks and efforts completed.

If you are interested in a list of employers who have hired DePaul Students for internships and jobs, you can check out the Political Science resource page.​

Federal, State, & Local (Municipal, County and City) Employment Resources: 

​​​Federal Internships & Employment

As a student or recent graduate, you could qualify for federal internships and job opportunities through the Pathways Program. You have three different paths: Internship Program, Recent Graduates Program, and Presidential Management Fellows. You can find more information here. is the Federal Government’s official source for federal job listings, job applications, and employment information. Not all jobs may be listed on USAJobs, so it is advisable to also check agency websites. (Office of Personnel Management) learn more about security clearances, veterans’ preferences, student loan repayment assistance, and more, as well as stay up-to-date on the latest hiring trends and reforms. is for students interested in working for the federal government and provides application tips, federal resume writing tips, the application process, benefits of working for the government, pay information, listing of government agencies and more.

FAQs on working for the government This section answers some frequently asked questions about government work and workers—including what they do, where their jobs are, what kind of education they need to get started, and how much they earn.

​​​Federal Government Resumes

​Resume Guide: Federal Government ​

​​State Employment:

County (Cook and Collar Counties) Employment:​​​​​​​

City of Chicago Employment: 

Explore Graduate Programs, Career Paths, and Professional Associations:​

Below is a sample list of entry points for students interested in Public Policy and Civil Service. This particular area has a wide variety of job functions and opportunities, however, many are found within nonprofits or local, state, and federal government settings.


  • Public Affairs Intern
  • Immigration Intern
  • External Relation Intern
  • Government Relations Intern
  • Policy Intern 

Post-Grad Entry Points:

​To help narrow your federal job search, check out the list of academic majors and some federal occupations ​directly related to those majors from ​

  • Public Affairs Specialist 
  • Curator
  • Occupational Health and Safety Specialist
  • Economist
  • Compliance Officer
  • Political Scientist
  • Policy Writer
  • Researcher 


Some industries change more quickly than others, it is important to stay informed on the latest trends in your interest areas to be sure you are best preparing yourself for internships and full time roles post-graduation. Below are a few resources to help you stay up to date regarding Public Policy and Civil Service: