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​​As always, log in to edit the page in SharePoint by clicking Editor Login in the bottom right corner of the page, and enter your BlueKey login credentials ( email address and password). Next, click the Edit symbol at the top​ of the page, or go to the Page tab and click Edit. If the ribbon does not appear, you can access it through the Gear icon by selecting Show Ribbon, or edit the page directly from the dropdown menu.

Photo and Video Gallery:

1. Go to the Insert tab in the ribbon, and click on Web Part.

2. Select Gallery Web Part, and click Add.

3. Select Add New Item, and choose Default Gallery Photo or Gallery Video. Photos and videos can now exist within the same gallery web part. 

For Photos:​

  1. Enter an Alt Tag. The Alt Tag should be a short description of the photo or image. The Alt Tag will not be visible to the average viewer but is necessary for ADA standards. 
  2. Enter a photo caption, if desired.
  3. Then click Browse... and expand the subsite's images library. Look for the image you uploaded in the SharePoint images library (or click Upload in the upper left-hand corner to upload an image from your computer into SharePoint), give the photo a caption (optional), and hit OK.
  4. Add additional images by selecting Add New Item and following the instructions above.

For Videos:

  1. Add a Video Title
  2. Copy and paste the URL of the video from YouTube, Vimeo, or Panopto into the URL field. The gallery will display the thumbnail selected by the video's creator on the video provider's website. 
  3. Add additional videos by selecting Add New Item and following the instructions above.

If you wish to reorder your gallery items, click the Reorder button. Select the item you want to move, and click Move Up or Move Down. 

In the ribbon, hit Save & Close to save your work and see how the gallery will look with the selections you've made. You may continue editing, or if you are pleased with the gallery, hit Check In in the ribbon.

Before you leave a page, always Save & Close and Check In the page.


Step-by-step Image Guide

Click in the Main Content area, and in the ribbon click the Insert tab.


Click on Web Part.

Choose Gallery Web Part, and click Add.

Click Add New Item.

Select Default Gallery Photo or Gallery Video. Give the image a title, and caption (optional) and click
Select an image from the Images folder or upload one by clicking Upload. Once you've selected the image, click
Add another item by repeating the above steps. Now you'll see the images or videos in the web part.
When you're done, Save & Close and Check In the page.


See our Best Practices Guide for more.