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Things to Keep in Mind in Your DePaul Website

Think Strategically. Save Frequently. Optimize. Mobile First.

For a consistent and optimal user experience, keep the following things in mind for your website:

  • Upload large images — at least 800px wide, 1600px wide for full-column-width images, Web-optimized at 72dpi (but not too large -- no larger than 2000px)
  • Horizontal-oriented (landscape) or square images are better than vertical images
  • Menus collapse below the content at mobile views, so refrain from using language that references navigation to the left
  • Think frequently about how your site will appear at mobile viewports. Shrink and expand the width of your browser window when viewing your live site to see how your content responds
  • Web Parts are fun, but should be used only when they enhance the content or experience
  • Please do not add supplementary degree requirement information in a college's Academics section: we stick to sharing catalog info only, so that it remains a contract with the students and all information is accurate and in one place
  • Inline styles such as different fonts or colors in your content is severely discouraged. Please keep ADA guidelines and university-wide consistency in mind by clearing text formatting and utilizing the Markup Styles menu when editing page content
  • When creating a new page​, use only lowercase letters in the page name and dashes between words (no spaces). This becomes part of the URL, so for consistency, please stick to lowercase-no-spaces. You will change the Nav Title and Header of the page to uppercase letters with spaces
  • Reference this site first when you need help. If you still have questions, put in a TSC Ticket​
  • Before creating a new page, think strategically about your content
  • Consult the university style guide to ensure your content adheres to it
  • Save your work frequently while editing and be sure to check in your pages​ when you are done editing them so you're not locking out other editors
  • Double check that your documents are published​, as unpublished documents will not open for your site viewers