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Instructions - How to Add or Remove Faculty Bios

​Since the BioRollUp Web Part has already been configured for you, you do not need to edit it. All you will be doing is maintaining the bio pages. 

The web part automatically adjusts to the pages you add or remove, so all you have to do to affect change on the rollup/A-Z list is to create or delete individual faculty bio pages (any pages living under the a-z list subsite that use the Bio Page Layout). 

Adding a Faculty Bio

If you need to add a new faculty member so that they will display on the Faculty A-Z page and on your department faculty page, you will need to create a new bio page for them.

1. Under your Faculty A-Z subsite ("faculty-and-staff/faculty-a-z/Pages/default.aspx" or in some cases your department faculty subsite ("name-of-your-department/faculty/Pages/default.aspx") create a new page. -- go to the Site Actions menu and click New Page.

2. Name the page their name using all lowercase letters with dashes between words and click Create.

3. Change the page layout to the Bio Page Layout -- under the Page tab, click Page Layout and select Bio Page Layout

3. Change the page Heading and Navigation Title (at the bottom of the page) to the faculty's full uppercase name, and then enter whatever fields you have information for in the Bio Page Layout - don't forget to add the department, as that is the field used to query them on the department faculty page.

Important: All bios using the bio layout must have a headshot cropped to 255 x 300 pixels. If a headshot is not available, please use our image placeholder. (Drag it from the browser window to your desktop, and then upload it to the appropriate Images folder.)

4. Save & Close and Check In the page and then submit the page for approval. The page must be Published for it to be visible. 

5. Wait for the cache to refresh (this may take up to three hours).

Removing a Faculty Bio

If you need to remove the bio of a faculty member who no longer teaches at DePaul so that they will no longer display on the A-Z page and your department faculty page, all you need to do is remove their bio page. Be sure to first check to make sure that they don't also still teach in another department (in that case, just remove your department from their department list in their bio page).

1. Find their bio page, which will either be under the Faculty A-Z subsite ("/faculty-and-staff/faculty-a-z/Pages/default.aspx") or your department faculty subsite ("name-of-your-department/faculty/Pages/default.aspx") depending on how your site was configured. You can also view all of these pages through Manage Content and Structure (through the Site Actions menu).

2. Edit the page and under the Page tab, click Delete Page and then click OK.

3. Wait for the cache to refresh (this may take up to three hours).

Watch the instructional video for the Faculty Bio System.