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Advertising and Public Relations

Students interested in the promotion of people, places, or products/services may want to explore a career in advertising and public relations. These careers place an emphasis on written communication via press releases and media relations, as well as all facets of advertising including creative, accounts, media, and production. Whether working in a firm/agency setting or in-house, students may want to explore public relations and advertising roles in niche areas such as sports, fashion, entertainment, healthcare, and/or event planning.

Explore Career Paths and Possibilities

Below is a sample list of entry points for students interested in advertising and public relations. Students should specifically target internships that expose them to these job functions (with an emphasis on firm and agency settings for students who want to work in these environments long-term). Other areas worth exploring through internships include event planning, political/advocacy communication in government and non-profit settings, and promotions internships in niche areas of interest like sports, fashion, and entertainment.

With full-time, entry-level roles, it is best to target position titles that use entry-level language such as assistant, coordinator, or junior attached to a particular role. These are often the entry points for these job functions, and worth targeting when browsing through job descriptions or company websites.


  • Advertising Intern
  • Communications and Marketing Intern
  • Copywriting Intern
  • Fundraising and Development Intern
  • Event Planning Intern
  • Public Relations Intern
  • Publicity Intern
  • Social Media Intern

Post-Grad Entry Points

  • Account Coordinator
  • Assistant Account Executive
  • Communication Coordinator
  • Content Marketing Coordinator
  • Event Coordinator
  • Junior Art Director
  • Junior Copywriter
  • Media Relations Coordinator


Some industries adapt and reinvent themselves faster than others, with many across the media, communication, arts, and entertainment community doing so with greater frequency. Keep your finger on the pulse by staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends, using some of the below as starting points.

Advertising and Public Relations