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Arts and Arts Administration

Students with a passion for artistic expression and/or operations within an arts organization may want to explore careers in arts and arts administration. The arts branch of this community emphasizes fine arts via graphic art, photography, and studio art, while students interested in the organization and management of museums and cultural centers can explore opportunities in art conservation, preservation, programming, and development.

Explore Career Paths and Possibilities

Below is a sample list of entry points for students interested in the arts and arts administration. Students interested in studio, media, or graphic art should focus on internships that will help them hone skills in these areas and produce content they can market in a digital portfolio. For arts administration, students should gain internship experience in museums and cultural centers and gain exposure to aspects of operations, programming, and development in these spaces. Associations and organizations, including Chicago’s own United States Artists, also provide terrific opportunities for internships in the arts.

Post-grad, artists work mainly on a freelance or commission basis, often supporting themselves through multiple gigs or in a full-time role that allows them freedom and flexibility for artistic pursuits. While studios and galleries are always looking for talented artists, gaining skills in basic entrepreneurship (sales, marketing, etc.) via elective courses or internships can be especially beneficial for students planning to support themselves through the selling of their work. On the arts administration side, there are a handful of entry-level roles in business and operations.


  • Curatorial Intern
  • Design Intern
  • Fine Arts Intern
  • Gallery Intern
  • Library Intern
  • Museum Operations Intern
  • Photography Intern
  • Studio Art Intern

Post-Grad Entry Points

  • Assistant Curator
  • Digital Assets Coordinator
  • Entry Level Art Producer
  • Exhibit Project Coordinator
  • Gallery Assistant
  • Museum Preparator
  • Public Programs Assistant
  • Visitor Experience Specialist


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