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News Rollup and News Article Layouts

The set of layouts for displaying news or article-type content are called News Rollup2 and News Article 2.

This set of layouts allows articles to be put into categories (and a single article can be in multiple categories). The available categories are managed at the root-level in View All Site Content, in the list called "SiteNewsCategories."

News Article2 and News Rollup2

News Rollup2 looks like a regular page rollup with an automatically created list of thumbnail images, article titles and preview text under each title. There is a place to put introductory content or featured items at the top of the layout, as well as a field that allows you to set the number of characters of article text to display under each title. At desktop view: On the left side of the page is the regular left navigation display (which can be set to show only the subsite, its pages, or the above subsite that the current subsite is contained in — put in a TSC Ticket to have this changed), and beneath that, a display of the Categories. At mobile view: The navigation and Categories are available via a button at the top of the rollup page.

The News Article2 layout offers a title field, a sub-title field, author field, categories, and a content area. You can style the text in the main content area of the article just like you would any other page, and you can add images directly into the content. If there is an image in the article, you will have to make a thumbnail version of the image and upload it to the Rollup Info tab at the bottom of the page. (If you do not include an image, it will default to a standard gray university logo.) The thumbnail version of the image should be sized to exactly 120px by 120px. After you’ve resized the image, you’ll go to the bottom of the page, and click the Rollup Info tab (it’s next to the Page Info tab). Click Browse and then Upload to add the thumbnail image to the Images folder. If there are numerous images in the article, you only need to select one to crop and use as the thumbnail image.

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