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Adding a Teaching Assistant in D2L

Teaching assistants in D2L have the same ability that instructors have: building course content and viewing and assessing student work. There are a few other things to also keep in mind about adding teaching assistants:

  • You can search for a student by name when you're adding them to your course as a teaching assistant, but we recommend that you use their campus-wide identification number to make sure that you're adding the right person.
  • Instructors have the ability to add a teaching assistant to their class, but they cannot remove one. To request the removal of a teaching assistant, complete a Remove User request form.
  • If you are teaching combined sections, adding the TA to one section will add them to the others as well.
  • CDM faculty who are adding graders to their course, please be aware that this role is identical to the teaching assistant role in permissions, but the CDM Grader will be invisible to students and instructors. Also, if you have added the user and try to add them again but they do not appear in the search list, then they have been successfully added to the course. You can verify with your CDM grader on whether or not they have access.
  • Contact FITS@depaul.edu for assistance if you have trouble finding someone in D2L who you want to add to your course as a teaching assistant.
  1. Click Classlist in the course navigation bar. The Classlist page will open. 
  2. Click the (A) Add Participants button at the top of the page, then select (B) Add Existing Users from the dropdown list.
  3. Enter the name or ID number of the student you are adding to your course as a teaching assistant in the "Search For" field, then click the search icon on the right side of the textbox, which looks like a magnifying glass.
  4. Select the student from the list of results by selecting the check box to the left of his or her name.
  5. Select Teaching Assistant from the "Select Role" dropdown menu.
  6. Select a section of your course from the Select a Section dropdown menu. If you have more than one section within your course, enrolling a student in one section will enroll her or him in all sections.
  7. Click the Enroll Selected Users button. A summary page indicating that the student has been added to your course as a teaching assistant will be displayed.
  8. Click the Done button. You will return to the Classlist page.
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