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Adding a Teaching Assistant in D2L

Teaching assistants in D2L have the same permissions as instructors. There are a few other things to also keep in mind about teaching assistants:

  • Instructors can add a teaching assistant to their class, but they cannot remove one. To remove a teaching assistant, complete the Remove User request form.
  • The CDM Grader role is identical to Teaching Assistant, but is invisible to students and instructors in the classlist.
  • Contact fits@depaul.edu for assistance finding someone in D2L who you want to add to your course as a teaching assistant.

Adding a Teaching Assistant to the Classlist

  1. Go to Classlist. 
  2. Select the Add Participants button.
  3. Choose Add Existing Users from the dropdown menu.
  4. Enter the ID number of the user you are adding to your course
  5. Select the magnifying glass icon to search for the user.
  6. Select the checkbox next to the user's name.
  7. Choose Teaching Assistant from the "Select Role" dropdown menu.
  8. Choose the section from the "Select Section" menu. If there is more than one section within the course, enrolling a user in one section will allow them access to all sections of the course.
  9. Select Enroll Selected Users.
  10. Select the Done button.​