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Content Overview

The Content area in D2L is the primary place where you can add files and other learning materials and share them with your students. It can also be used to organize all your course's activities.

Content Guides

Content FAQs

Can I hide materials from students in the Content area?

Yes. You can restrict topics or even whole modules in the Content area by setting their status to "draft" or limiting their availability by date. For more information, view the Setting Dates and Availability guide.​

How do I add a copy of my syllabus to the Content area?

You can add files to the Content area of your course site through the Upload Files option. For instructions, visit the Uploading Files guide.​

How do I reorder modules and topics in my Content area?

You can reorder modules and topics simply by dragging and dropping them into new locations in the Content area​. For more information, view the Reordering Modules and Topics guide.

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