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More Tools Overview

D2L provides many tools to help you organize and manage your course site and activities. Many of the items listed here work in conjunction with other tools in your course to help you update items quickly or interact with your students.

In addition, guides are listed here for activities that you'll need to complete each quarter to set up your D2L course site, including copying your course and activating your course, among others.

More Tools and Activities Guides

  • ARES: Add a link to ARES, the system that the DePaul University Library uses to manage e-reserves, to your D2L course site.
  • Attendance: Create a register to track student attendance in a course that meets face-to-face.
  • Checklist: Create a checklist for assignments with many steps or multiple readings within a module.
  • Class Progress: View all of a student's activity throughout your entire course site.
  • Course Activation: Make your course site available to students.
  • Course Copy: Copy all or part of one course site into another one.
  • Export Course: Create a .zip file of all of your course site's content and settings.
  • Finding Your Courses: Find your course sites the first time you use D2L.
  • HTML Editor: Create new pages with HTML formatting in the Content area, items in the Announcements area, or descriptions for other D2L components, i.e., Submission folders, discussion topics, etc.
  • Intelligent Agents: Set up and automatically send emails on specific dates or after students complete or miss an activity.
  • Manage Dates: Update all or several start and/or end dates across your entire course site.
  • Navigation Bar: Create a custom navigation bar for your course site.
  • Notifications​: Set up how and when you receive notifications from D2L.
  • Profile: Change your profile settings to share contact and personal information.
  • Rubrics: Set up a Likert-type scale for assessing assignments submitted to a Submission folder.
  • Self Assessments: Create ungraded quizzes that students can take to monitor their progress in your course.
  • Student View: View your course site as students will see it.
  • Surveys: Create surveys that you can administer to students enrolled in your course.
  • Virtual Classrooms: Hold virtual synchronous meetings with students and guests using the YouSeeU classroom tool.​​​
  • Zoom​: Another tool that you can use to hold virtual meetings using the Zoom US tool.
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