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Groups Overview

The Groups tool is used to organize students into small groups in your D2L course site. You can then restrict discussion topics, content modules, grade items or other parts of your course site to a specific group so that it is only visible to its member. In addition, you can create group submission folders that allow all students within a group to see feedback you give files they submit to it.

Groups Guides

Groups FAQs

Why can't students see a group discussion topic?

This could be caused by a couple of different issues. First, students might not be able to see a group discussion because they aren't enrolled in a group. View the Adding Students to Groups guide for information. 

Second, the issue might be related to not having the proper group settings in place on your discussion topics. View the Setting up Group Discussions guide for more information.​

Can students select their own groups in D2L?

Yes. When you create groups in your course site, you'll want to select "self-enrollment" as the enrollment type option. Then students will be able to visit the Groups area in your course site and select the group they want to enroll in. View the Creating Discussions guide for more information.​

Can I add another group to a set of groups that I've created?

Yes. Faculty will often need to add an extra group to a set of groups (which D2L refers to as a "category") if their course's enrollment changes significantly. View the Editing Groups guide for more information. ​

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