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Classlist Overview

In the Classlist area of D2L, instructors can view the students enrolled in a course, add teaching assistants, send email to individual students or the entire class, view group and section enrollments, and verify the last time a student logged into the course.

Classlist Guides

Classlist FAQs

Yes. By default, D2L only displays 20 students per page in the Classlist (as well as other areas of a course), but this setting can be changed. Above and below the table that lists the students, a dropdown menu titled "per page" is displayed: select this to change the number of students displayed per page.

To ensure that all students in a course can be seen, it is recommended to set the value to 200.

Yes. For instructions on how to do this, view Add a Teaching Assistant.

No. Student enrollment in a course site is updated automatically to match enrollments in Campus Connect. Updates to D2L enrollment occur within 24 hours of a change in Campus Connect.

Yes, instructors can view an individual student's enrollment through the Classlist. Navigate to the Classlist, then select the downward facing arrow next to a student's name. Then, select View groups and sections.

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